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Customized Non-Sparking Solutions

Design Process and Methodology

QTi® Customized Wrenches

Any Oil, Gas or a Chemical Processing installation, there are a large variety of valves that are operated as part of the regular operations. From many of those valves, flammable liquids and gases flow through and many a times at high temperatures and pressure. It is critical to use Non-Sparking Hand Tools to operate these valves, as even a slight leak of these flammable fluids can cause a massive fire in presence of a small spark. We design and manufacture customized valve wrench engineered to ergonomically operate valves, so that our customers can work safely without the risk of sparks from tools.


QTi® Star Valve Wrenches

Some bolting applications demand excess load or sometimes just constraints by the locations of the nut. Copper Titanium XL-Wrenches are designed and available in 4 point, 6 point ,8 point and 12 point in both metric and imperial sizes of A/F upto 120 mm. These tools are available from 500 mm to over 800 mm long and are provided with a firm knurled grip handle so that tool can be operated safely.

QTi® Sockets for Torque Wrenches

Copper Titanium Sockets from Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are manufactured are designed for impact and high torqueing loads, available from 20 mm to 110 mm in metric and imperial sizes for all standard operating square drives.


QTi® Customized Blades & Knifes

Highly flammable solids like solid rocket propellant, Gun Powder, Explosive charge, ammonium nitrate, pyrotechnics etc. need to handle and processed carefully as even a small spark can lead to massive explosion. We have the capability and expertise in manufacturing Copper Titanium Tools like Cutters, Blades, knifes, scrappers for explosive processing and handling.

QTi® Dumbell Cutters

Manufacturing of a standard specimen in the starting point of physical test. We have Copper Titanium Dumbell Cutter for cutting test piece of polymers which are highly explosive in nature. These dumbbell cutters are made on the most accurate, high performance machining centres so that you achieve highest dimensional control for your test specimens.


QTi® Cutting Tools

Whether you are machining propellants or working in an explosive environment, we have capability of manufacturing complete range of Non-Sparking Cutting Tools like

  • Non-Sparking Drills : Drill manufactured to International Standards from 0.5 mm to 50 mm Non-Sparking Drills.
  • Non-Sparking End Mill Cutters
  • Single Point Cutting Tools
  • Parting Tools
  • Multi point cutting tools

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